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Ola Strandberg is a craftsmen and a foreword thinking artist of the highest order. I learned of Strandberg guitars while watching a youtube video of my friend Tosin Abasi, aside from being knocked out by Tosin's playing, I was really blown away with the guitar. It was a maple top, extended range, 8 string, something I'd never seen before, and I was transfixed by it. What Is That! (I thought) and how come I don't know about it.

Strandberg guitars have that thing about them, that when you play one it makes so much sense you wonder why this hasn't been thought of before. The light weight chambered ergonomic body shape is comfortable weather you sit with the guitar on your right leg, or classical style on your left, or standing. I love a beautiful classic headstock as much as anyone but after playing a Strandberg for a while, I just stop thinking about it, because its apparent in this design, it's simply not necessary.

The bridge is a wonder of beautiful simplicity and gives much improved tuning stability and resonance. The patent pending EndurNeck feels a bit strange at first, but after a week or so your reaching notes you couldn't reach before with more accuracy and speed. Your hand feels better and you have more stamina to practice longer with fatigue injuries. Your thumb is flat not round so why is the neck rounded? Im not really sure, its just always been that way, the EndurNeck gives the player a level of stability that just didn't exist with a rounded neck. Why hasn't anyone thought of all this innovation this before Ola Strandberg?